Friday, January 2, 2009

Remeber The Original Budweiser Frogs Commercial?

How effective is marketing with "enlightened comedy"?
Everyone, even me who hasn't owned a TV in about two years remembers the 1995 Super Bowl Budweiser Frog Commercial? Why, because it's "Enlightened Comedy" at its best! It's just three frogs below a sign saying the product name. I'm sure my Sesame Street generation (1975) and Two Headed Monster Fans loves it the best.

What's the best advertising money can buy? Enlightened Comedy? People can read your sales pitch for so long, week after week and still not get your message or really care. People can read long ezines with helpful tips and skim here and there. I'm guilty of that even with my friends.

Let's see if my theory works
Email me at with a link to your site and your name, company name and phone number and I'll create an "Enlightened Comedy" post about your products and services that gets emailed to everyone I know.

You have full rights to use the Enlighten Comedy with your "enlightened" message to make everyone on your list laugh and pass on the "Enlightened Comedy" promoting your
business. For a limited time this service is F.R.E.E. Also I may even add it to my permanent wall of Enlightened Comedy which is cool because over 7,000,000 people searched google for jokes last month! Too bad they did see yours yet!

Need Enlightened Comedy and Jokes? Read my blog for inspired ideas!!

Written for Enlightened Marketers
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